I recently helped Roxy build her first website. I’d really like to make it easy for her to work on it herself, so I figured that setting it up for version control using CodeCommit and a deployment pipeline to S3 would be a great way to get her going on her own.

There are several steps required here, but its not too tricky. I’ll use the following steps to get this setup.

  1. build the repository
  2. setup the pipeline
  3. check the code in
  4. create her credentials
  5. setup her computer

First off, I found this handy (tutorial)[ https://docs.aws.amazon.com/codepipeline/latest/userguide/tutorials-s3deploy.html] that basically does what I want to do! https://docs.aws.amazon.com/codepipeline/latest/userguide/tutorials-s3deploy.html


You’ll want an AWS Account. I’m going to do this through the console, but I’d like to backport it into terraform at some point. More on that later!

Take a look at Kiddo’s First Webpage for how we got started on this project.

Creating the Repo

The first part is pretty straightforward. Go to CodeCommit and create a repo with a sensible name.

In general, just follw the instruction at the tutorial above. Once you’ve got it all set up get yourself some Git credentials if you don’t already have some. Do some pushes, and test various CRUD operations. create/read/update/delete.

Get the kiddo some creds

Just like you setup your creds, get your kiddo setup with and IAM user and Git credentials. For IAM, they just need a user with no privileges. It’s a start! But once you’re done, go into the user Security configuration and get some Git Credentials. Store them somewhere safe. I gave Roxy programmatic access, no console. That can always be added later.